Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Response to 51 Competencies

Thank you for lending me the article "Fifty-One Competencies for Online Instruction." I too found the article and the appended tables very interesting and helpful. Although I didn't read your first article your description of the five roles of the instructor fit very well with what Smith talks about in his 51 competencies article. The discussion about where the conpetencies fit into the picture - before, during or after the class - was very helpful in pointing out what needed to be focused on and when. This article would be beneficial to beginning online instructors. I plan to make copies of the tables. I especially appreciated the learner-centered approach. I think that the technology gets so much top billing and we sometimes forget the purpose of what and why we are teaching. The technology is only a means to the real end - student learning. Thanks for sharing this article! -D

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